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WATERLINE – eco technology

Dear Partners.

In the legislation of Ukraine, there are constant changes that lead to the prohibition or significant restriction of the use of fluorinated gases. As a response to these changes, we present the new products of TM “RMC” – units with a low volume of freon, the “WATERLINE” system. This system is designed to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and operation, as well as to expand the capabilities of customers in the planning of facilities. The WATERLINE system is a line of equipment that allows you to create a flexible and economical cooling system.

This system includes:

  • refrigeration units with a low freon charge and a water heat exchanger (condenser).
  • a thermal transformer is used for stabilizing the temperature in the cold water circuit and for utilizing excess heat for further use in the system heating devices and functional support for the hot water supply.

The main advantages of the system:

  • Low refrigerant charge and therefore a significant reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Maximum utilization of warm air and its use for heating purposes, as well as hot water, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption.
  • In chillers, the condensing temperature is stably kept near + 30 ° C, in contrast to standard centralized refrigeration, where the condensing temperature is maintained at + 45 ° C, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.
  • The plant produces a ready-made device, already fully configured.
  • Ease of installation on site.
  • Possibility of phased commissioning of refrigeration equipment.
  • Possibility of more free planning at the facility than when using a centralized refrigeration system.
  • The use of reliable European components in the equipment.

Areas of application of the “WATERLINE” system:

  •   Shops.
  •   Restaurants.
  •   Office rooms.
  •   Food storage and processing enterprises.
  •   Gas stations and other business entities using refrigeration equipment.

As always, only the best solutions are good enough for our partners!