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The company “RMC” joined the Refrigeration Association of Ukraine

The company “RMC” joined the Refrigeration Association of Ukraine

The RMC company entered the organization of the Public Union “Refrigeration Association of Ukraine”.

On December 21, 2018, a meeting of the “Refrigerating Association of Ukraine” was held in Kyiv, at which a resolution was adopted to accept a new member of the Association – the company “РМСІ” – “RMC”

The main goal of this association is to unite specialized organizations in the legal and informational fields dealing with cold supply in Ukraine.

Development of the refrigeration industry in Ukraine and facilitating the entry of domestic manufacturers into international markets is a goal of the Refrigeration Association of Ukraine.

Working with government agencies and representing the interests of members of this organization to various government and international structures is another important goal.

Systematic work with educational institutions to improve the training of high-quality qualified personnel in the refrigeration industry is also an important goal.

The “RMC” company fully supports the goals and ideas of this association and gladly joins such an important and necessary cause!

We will contribute to the development of the refrigeration industry in Ukraine, as well as continue to strive for recognition of Ukrainian companies and equipment in the world market.

More details about the last event can be found at the link on the website of the “Refrigeration Association of Ukraine”: