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Frascold is the Italian leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of compressor systems, founded in 1936. To date, their organization has achieved tangible results with its development using advanced technologies in the production process to ensure efficiency and the creation of high-quality products.

The main advantages of the company

  1. Produces compressors for industrial purposes, for various types of application internationally.
  2. The policies of continuous development and improvement are adhered to, which ensures a status worthy of an international scale.
  3. Frascold strives to keep customers fully satisfied.
  4. Frascold has plants in Lenyano and Rescaldin. Rescaldin is equipped for the production of semi-hermetic compressors. According to recent estimates, their production can satisfy about a quarter of all world needs.
  5. Their prerequisites for the release of any goods to the market is extremely high with good innovation.

Frascold specializes predominantly in the production of compressor equipment used for cooling and air conditioning, and compressor-type units, both water and air-cooled. Their most popular compressors include:

  • Piston single-stage and two-stage semi-hermetic type
  • Open piston
  • Screw semi-hermetic type
  • Screw compact, as well as screws

Rapid growth in demand for their products is the main indicator of their high level of production to pricing ratio.

Historical information

Frascold was founded in 1936 manufacturing open (salon) compressors. The production of piston 2-cylinder varieties of a semi-generic type began in 1975, with the power of the aggregates from 0.5 to 0.3 hp. In 1984, their technical capabilities allowed them to move to a new level and produce piston semi-hermetic 4,6 and 8-cylinder compressors of different capacities that reached 80 horsepower.

This company continued to develop, soon presenting to buyers the newest items:

  • In 1990 Frascold began to produce their series “06V”
  • In 1995 Frascold announced the release of screw compressors
  • In 1998 it was decided to open more production in the city of Rescaldin
  • In 2006 Frascold was able to offer a new range of screw compressors (SHN0 – the power of these new products ranged from 110 to 140 hp)
  • And in 2006 the organization began mass production of piston compressors SK series for sub-critical CO2 cycles
  • In 2007Frascold offered the first compressors of the piston type of the TK series. These wore designed for CO2 transcritical cycles. They also released the screw-series SHN0 with a capacity of up to 300 hp (a complete replacement of the C-TSH series on CXH0)
  •   At the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, the company expanded the area allotted for the production in the city of Rescaldin – up to 28 thousand square meters
  •   After that, R-TS screw compressors were replaced with the new RX series design.

The pace of development, improvement of design and production is growing to this day. Expressing this in numbers, it is worth noting the following facts:

  • Staff. To date, the plant provides more than 200 jobs, which significantly exceeds the previous years.
  • The FRASCOLD plant moved to the new territory at the end of the twentieth century. In less than 10 years the production area was increased from 16,000 m2 to 28,000 m2. At the same time, the total area of ​​the factory was 36,000 m2 and rose to 50,000 m2.

The advantages of the company

Frascold produces the highest quality products. This is possible because they use the following principles and technologies:

  • Oil honing of cylinders (used in engines)
  • All innovative approach with the processing centers – CNC (Computer Numeric Control)
  • The use of high-quality components supplied by European Union countries. These include Hoerbiger, Danfoss, Leroy Somer, Sisme, SKF
  • The introduction of automated processes into test control, drainage procedures and painting.

Company policy

Frascold is Frascold leads the market of refrigeration because of these organizational principles:

  • Experience is reflected in a large number of successful innovations and improvements over the years.
  • Quality is the result of using the best materials, running mandatory, regular tests and running verification studies. Producing compressors that have proven their reliability and high efficiency.
  • Innovation allows you to keep the maximum competitiveness on the market. Tracking world trends, and new developments.