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Company Denaline


Denaline is recognized as one of the world leaders in its sector. The company has been offering innovative products for 40 years, and it is the result of a natural drive for continuous improvement.

Pordenone: one of the main industrial areas in Europe

Many of our products are manufactured at the Pordenone facility and have conquered major international markets, with an export quota of 80%. Their controlled, certified quality, performance and competitiveness combined with our professional, personalized service. Denaline strategies are designed to provide long-term stability.


Aluminum, stainless steel and copper are the materials that DENALINE is using to create a new category of products that use environmentally friendly refrigerants (carbon dioxide – subcritical/transcritical ammonia and hydrocarbon cycle):

  •   liquid receivers, oil separators (patented)
  •   mufflers, globe valves, safety valves
  •   three-way valves
  •   liquid / gas indicators for electronic sensors
  •   valves with copper connections and much more

Many products have been developed over the years within the company and therefore are patented, others are nearing the patenting stage. We are constantly investing in research and development, new production technologies and resources, both internal and external.


Compliance with basic international standards, a fundamental requirement for a company that occupies a leading position in the global market.

Denaline products comply with UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 standards, European Directive 2014/68 / UE (Pressure Equipment Directive) and UL standards.

Know how

Denaline products have always been distinguished by originality, exclusivity and efficiency. Denaline research and development of innovative ideas meet the needs of our customers. Optimization and customization of products are aimed at containing costs while increasing the quality and performance of the same systems. Continuous improvement is one of the main principles of our quality system, right through to after-sales service.