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Company Copeland

Copeland Products was founded by Edmund Copland in the early 20s of the last century. The first plant was opened in 1923 in the town of Flint, Michigan. In 1986, the company was acquired by Emerson Electric corporation, and in 2006 was renamed Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Basic information

The company is now part of “Emerson Electric Co.” And owns several famous brands:

  •   Copeland Scroll
  •   Alco Controls
  •   DWM Copeland and others

The headquarters of the organization is located in St. Louis, as well as in Germany.

In 1982, the company introduced a piston compressor of a semi-hermetic type. It was called Copelametic Discus and was recognized as energy efficient and one of the most optimal options for refrigeration compressors of that time. Further development of the organization includes:

  •   In 1987, the company was the first among world leaders in this industry to successfully produce spiral compressors called Copeland Compliant Scroll.
  •   In 2001 digital variations were added to these spiral compressors.
  •   In 2012 a stop-free compressor was first offered.

To date, Emerson Climate Technologies is considered one of the leading companies in the world for manufacturing cooling compressors, selling about half of all spiral-type compressors.

Features and benefits of the company

The organization has at least 10 thousand employees located in various parts of the world. This allows them to produce efficient, high-quality products. The model range of refrigeration compressors, air conditioners and thermal pumps is constantly expanding and improving.

What makes us fundamentally different:

  •   The world has already bought 100 million units of this brand
  •   The recognition and popularity among buyers
  •   The exceptional efficiency that has been achieved through innovative implementations that ensure the advance against competitors for several decades

It can be noted that the activity of the company has positively affected the development of compressor technologies in general.