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Company Bock

Bock, founded in the city of Stuttgart (Germany) in 1932, is a successful manufacturer of compressors and related products. This firm creates stationary and mobile refrigeration equipment as well as air conditioners for air.

About the company

Bock is known worldwide for exceptionally high-quality products for commercial purposes and in industrial areas. Supermarkets, warehouses and drink manufacturers buy Bock products. In recent years, the need for air conditioning systems used in a variety of spheres has increased.

It is worth noting the achievements of Bock in these numbers:

  • about 330 jobs and low frameshifts
  • The annual sale of goods, 56 million dollars
  • Bock manufactures and distributes refrigeration equipment in 90 countries.

03/31/2011 Bock has become part of the Refrigeration Technologies department of the GEA Group AG Group. The latter is one of the leaders in the international market in this area. GEA’s main activities are developing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining key elements of a refrigeration system.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies is providing cooling processes for the food industry. GEA also produces cooling for beverages, water transport, engineering systems, ski bases, entertainment complexes, etc.

The GEA Group AG is a large supplier with sales (in 2010) of more than 4.4 billion euros.

Bock and GEA Group

GEA Group AG positions itself as a technological concern at an international level focused on manufacturing processes that differ in labor intensity and different industries. Approximately two-thirds of their production is characterized by long-term development engaged in the manufacture of food and energy.

It is also worth considering that:

  • At the end of 2010, at least 20 thousand employees worked in Bock and GEA Group.
  • GEA is the leader in every single area of its activities
  • This organization is included in the MDAX (G1A, WKN 660200) of Germany and (G1A, WKN 660200) in Base.

This company achieved a Basel level allowing to use of the US ADR-level sponsorship program without restrictions.

It is worth noting that Bock remains independent of the system it belongs to. It can be considered the market leader in Europe for the production of air conditioning compressors for buses, ships and trains, manufacturing products used worldwide.