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Company Bitzer


Very soon the German company Bitzer will reach the century mark from the date of its foundation. Today it is popular in narrow circles, a successful manufacturer of climatic and refrigeration equipment. This is due to a strong business strategy, a desire to offer high-quality products, and innovative developments.

The Bitzer hires exclusively professional staff with extensive experience. Labor fourses on accuracy and perfection, for effectiveness and stable development of compressor technologies. This has resulted in many years as a leader in market proposals.

A bit of history

Bitzer was founded in 1934 in the city of Sindelfingen, Germany. In 2020, the organization was able to provide the public numbers on annual sales – constituting about 808 million euros per year. Investing in various studies in the field of compressor technologies, they spent 45 million euros.

As of 2020, the company:

  •   provided 3,800 jobs (in the world)
  •   has 72 regional offices
  •   has 19 manufacturing enterprises
  •   Bitzer is described as strong and stable, evidenced by many factors.

How Bitzer united business and education

In 2005, Bitzer created the Schaufler Foundation, uniting entrepreneurship with the training of future professionals in research and teaching at the university level. Thus, the company has been able to deeply investigate the options of reducing the negative impact of cooling technologies on the environment and to fully use these options.

In 2016, the Schaufler Academy Training Center was founded. This institution conducts training courses in real conditions. Using a wide-profile program for working with systems, they are improving the qualifications of specialists in the field of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems.

Bitzer continues the development, environmental preservation, cultural heritage, creating, training of high-class specialists, and creating high-quality, reliable products – resulting in consumer confidence. The company is focused on environmental friendliness in everything that affects it. This focus makes a great future for those who cooperate with the environment.