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The Ukrainian company RMC: Industrial Cold Exhibition

The “Kyiv Expo Plaza” is a popular exhibition center, where the 17th International Exhibition, “Industrial Cold” was organized. RMC got its first experience participating in this event, presenting its products to visitors, and outlining a business concept.

RMC is the first organization in Ukraine to manufacture serial equipment used as cooling elements. This exhibition was an opportunity to present cooling equipment, distinguished by the impeccable assembly and high quality, comparing with the best European competitors.

RMC exhibits included ready-to-use devices of 2 variations:1) in a protective case and 2) on a base. Visitors were very pleased, RMC devices sold quickly, most before the close of the event!

Sergey Shevchenko, Commercial Director of RMC, commented on the results of the exhibition: “Our company is not chasing quick profits. We work for the future – we strive to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations so that our partners always associate the concepts of quality and reliability with the name of RMC ”.

Today the Ukrainian market is filled with cheap and often substandard equipment. RMC has set itself the goal of providing consumers in Ukraine and abroad with equipment of high quality, meeting European standards while maintaining affordable prices.

To do this, RMC takes very specific steps and:

  •   empowers employees to explore new technologies to improve productivity and efficiency;
  •   works on the issue of energy saving of manufactured devices;
  •   uses only components from trusted manufacturers in Europe;
  •   strives to constantly improve the qualifications of personnel:
  •   strictly controls the quality of its products.

RMC’s management is optimistic about the future and sees development prospects in this policy. Management invites everyone who wants to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms to consider a partnership, to develop relations for the long term.