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Company ALCO controls

Alco Controls is one of the popular brands Emerson in the USA in the manufacture of refrigeration automation. Founded in 1924, Alco has long experience and a  lot of knowledge in its field.


Alco Controls continuously designs, improves and develops new features and options. Alco pushes development and implementation with:

  •   high quality
  •   efficiency
  •   security
  •   strength

This allows the manufacturing customer to expand its model range of products and offer the consumer a large selection for various purposes. So, each customer may choose the optimal version of refrigeration automation and the instruments preferred. It is often necessary to supplement or upgrade installations for cooling. Relevant to these designs products are created for air conditioners and thermal pumps.

Product application spheres

Alco Controls produces many different goods for refrigeration and freezers for:

  •   food production
  •   supermarkets
  •   vehicles
  •   monoblock and split systems
  •   chillers
  •   situations where room heating is needed.

Many customers prefer Alco because of the great special reliability of its products. Time has shown that this product only improves, it works for a long time, rarely requires repair, and the cost is low. This is the main indicator of a truly worthy company.